Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

In light of COVID-19 and restrictions put in place, we made alterations to our Wednesday service time to ensure the health and safety of all the families that TFH serves, both through the church and the childcare center. Some of those alterations are due to the multitude of ways we utilize our facility and the amount of resources both in personnel and supplies required to maintain a healthy and safe space.


Midweek Service for adults takes place at 7:00pm; online only at and on the TFH Facebook Page. This service is a 30-40 minute Bible study that you can enjoy with the family or a small group.

One of the gifts 2020 has given us is the gift of utilizing all of the available tools of technology to share the gospel. You can join the live stream, watch or listen while you are making dinner or running kids to practices. You can even watch the service On-Demand if you miss it. In fact, you can watch any service; audio or video, On Demand at Subscribe to our YouTube channel, the TFH Podcast or download the TFH App and never miss another sermon.

For Teens

Launch Youth is geared to help middle school and high school students grow in their faith, character, and relationship with God and others. It is about creating a space where they feel they belong.

Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm at TFH, Launch Youth gathers together, in-person, for a service designed with them in mind. Each week may look slightly different as we build belonging.