Programs available during every service

Infant Nursery / 2weeks – 23 months

TFHKids Jr. / 2 years – kindergarten

TFHKids / 1st – 5th Grade

AWANA on Wednesdays / 2years – 5th Grade
separated by ages.

First Time Guest

Tell us you’re new so we can help. Tell our greeters or ushers it’s your first time. They will escort you to the TFHKids check-in area and introduce you to the TFHKids staff.


Your child is important to us. So before you enter into the auditorium, make sure that you check in your child. We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes early in order to check in your child and then get a seat in the auditorium.

If this is your first visit, we will need parent/legal guardian names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for each child. This information is entered into our TFHKids database to help maintain our secure check-in system.

How Check-In Works

You may check in your child at any available station. After finding your child’s name in the database, you and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion while you keep the matching tag. After the service, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

In the event that we need to contact you during the service, your child’s identification code will appear on the screen in the auditorium. We ask that you exit the auditorium immediately and look for a staff member or volunteer who will direct you to your child’s room.

Parent Resources

See what your child is learning in TFHKidz this week so you can encourage and pray with your family to turn lessons into growth.

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What To Expect

First Time Here

As you come in, we’d invite you to let one of our greeters know it’s your first time. We’ll introduce you to TFHKids Director, Karrah Bishop. Then head into the sanctuary and enjoy worship with the entire family. TFH has a strong value that kids be able to worship with their parents and learn what it is to worship from you. At a specific moment in the service, your children will be dismissed either by stage announcement or screen message. Feel free to come back with your child until they and you are comfortable enough where you can return and enjoy the rest of the service.

After TFHKids

On your way home, be sure to ask your child questions like, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?”

Still Have Questions?

Please be sure to ask any of our volunteers or staff if you have questions, or you can email

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do children stay in worship and then leave in the middle?

It is our value at The Father’s House that we create an atmosphere where everyone can experience the love of God. We keep your children in during our faster, more upbeat songs to give them a chance to worship. At a specific moment in our service, you children are dismissed by stage announcement or screen display. This gives them an opportunity to experience God’s love in their context while allowing you to worship God in the main service.

What happens in children's church?

We believe that children’s church is not baby sitting service. It is our chance to impact your children with the love and presence of God. We have one hour out of the week to communicate to them Bible lessons that we believe will stay with them into their adult years. So we use every second to teach your children in a way they can understand and we have a lot of fun while doing it.

What about your volunteers?

All of our volunteers are carefully selected and screened so that they are a great fit in the classrooms. We take your children’s safety and security very seriously. We take every measure possible to ensure that your children are in a safe and secure environment.