Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30am

Sunday Morning Services at The Father’s House are services that blend all three streams of Christianity together. Our worship team will lead us in songs intentionally chosen to create an atmosphere of worship through music. As the music ends, our Lead Pastor, Bishop Quintin will deliver an engaging message of love and faith that will inspire and help you grow in your faith journey.

We end every service with Communion. It is a core value of TFH that we celebrate Communion together as a church family remembering what Christ said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Our table is open, so if you are welcome to come receive no matter your church background. We believe that the baseline for our Christian identity is our baptism. Through this baptism we can come to the table together as a family and Body of Christ.

For Kids

Your children are important to us. That’s why we ask that you use our Children’s Check-in Stations at either entrance and check your child in to get security stickers for you and your child. If this is your first time at The Father’s House, visit our TFHKids Center at the east end of our lobby and a TFHKids volunteer will assist you.

We have a core value of worshiping together as a family. The first two songs are high energy and we welcome children to feel free in the presence of God.  You might see children dancing, playing a ‘play’ guitar, or using some streamers.  Following the first two songs, one of our Pastors will step up to pray over our children and send children to their appropriate classrooms. Please fill free as parents to walk them to their classrooms and return to the sanctuary once they, and you, are comfortable.

For Teens

It is our value that we invest in the next generation. Teenagers stay in the main auditorium throughout the song portion of our service. Afterwards, they are released by a message on our main screen to their classrooms. These classrooms are set up in a small group setting, where each teenager can engage with our Youth Pastor, Sean Faulkner. In these classes, Pastor Sean teaches young people to apply Biblical truth in their everyday life.

Some services we feel it is important that teenagers sit in the main service and hear our Lead Pastor. In those instances, no message will appear on the main screen.

Quintin and Annie Moore
Lead Pastors

Quintin and Annie Moore are the lead pastors of The Father’s House, a convergent congregation in Hutchinson, Kansas, since 1986. Quintin and his wife Annie have served faithfully the vision of revealing the unconditional love and grace of God to everyone.

Quintin serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), a family of Christian churches and worship communities around the world formed largely as a result of the Convergence Movement. He founded the Diocese of the Restoration in 2004 which serves as a covering for churches regionally.

Quintin holds a Masters of Ministry and has assisted in the successful planting of hundreds of churches in the US, Mexico, and other countries around the world, most of which are still thriving in their various communities.

A much-loved pastor, husband, father and grandfather, Bishop Quintin’s impact on the heartland of America is undeniable. His main passions are to preach the message Christ’s unconditional love; to see the unity of the church; and to be a pastor to pastors.

Quintin and Annie have been married since 1977 and have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.