Quintin & Annie Moore

Lead Pastors

Quintin and Annie Moore are the lead pastors of The Father’s House, a convergent congregation in Hutchinson, Kansas, since 1986. Quintin and his wife Annie have served faithfully the vision of revealing the unconditional love and grace of God to everyone.

Quintin serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), a family of Christian churches and worship communities around the world formed largely as a result of the Convergence Movement. He founded the Diocese of the Restoration in 2004 which serves as a covering for churches regionally.

Quintin holds a Masters of Ministry and has assisted in the successful planting of hundreds of churches in the US, Mexico, and other countries around the world, most of which are still thriving in their various communities.

Quintin and Annie have been married since 1977 and have 4 children and 12 grandchildren and one fun, furry friend Charolette Blu, better known as “Charlie”.

Sean & Heather Faulkner

Associate Pastors

Sean and Heather Faulkner have been a part of The Father’s House since a young age.

Sean has been on staff since 2009 and serves as the Worship Pastor and Student Ministry Pastor in addition to his role as the Associate Pastor.

Heather Serves as the Executive pastor as well as the Executive Director of Abundant Life Childcare Center. She is a gifted organizer and helps to keep everything running smoothly.

Sean and Heather have four children: Hampton, Hezekiah, Henley, and Hawkston.

Connect with Sean

Connect with Heather

Church Governance

The Father’s House operates with a Board of Elders, and a Church Council.

The Board of Elders is a group of trusted individuals, who give spiritual guidance to the lead pastors and work in conjunction with the Church Council.

The Church Council is a group of individuals who are successful business leaders who give  creates healthy checks-and-balances of leadership direction, financial accountability, and ministry implementation