Deeper Life Institute

DLI helps you go deeper in your spiritual life and understanding of the faith.

As Christians, there is always a deeper part of our faith. Whether you are new to Christianity, or you’ve been around the faith all of your life, there is always something new to learn or understand about God and the Church.

Deeper Life Institute wants to help you go deeper into those new things about faith and your spiritual life. You will join people just like you, who are wanting to grow deeper roots in their faith, as you read books and discuss with each other different things you will learn.

Due to COVID-19 all in person classes have been postponed until further notice. For more information or to request information on the DLI process please click on the “Sign up today” and someone will be in touch with you

Deacon Ordination

The goal of DLI is to help you grow in your spiritual life and faith.
You have the option of taking the course with the added goal of being ordained as a Deacon within The Diocese of The Restoration. This added option is your decision and not a requirement.

Should this be your interest or you feel the calling to be ordained at any time during the duration of DLI, let Fr. John Van Bruggen know and we will coach and walk with you through this process.