Israel Missions

Support our missionary in Israel, Cindy Lawson.

Cindy Lawson

The Father’s House church puts a major focus on overseas missions. For nearly 10 years, Cindy Lawson has been on the field in various countries supporting the people that God puts in front of her.

Currently, Cindy is in Israel supporting and helping the people of the Holy Land, from all backgrounds.

Read more about Cindy’s travels and experiences on her blog.

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You can help Cindy affect the people of Israel. Here’s how:

Pray for Cindy daily.

Support Cindy financially.

You can support Cindy financially on a recurring basis, or a one time gift. You can make your gifts:

  • in person using cash, checks at any service.
  • using Online Giving.
  • by using SmartGiving. Text CINDY and the amount of your gift to (620) 860-4110.