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About The Father’s House

The Father’s House exists to create a place where everyone can grow into their very best. This happens through our weekend services, small groups, and week to week events.

Every church has certain things that make them unique. We call them our Distinctives:

  • A Full Expression of the Historical and Contemporary Streams of the Church Where the Scripture, Spirit and Sacrament Converge.
  • An Unflinching Resolve to Recognize and Promote the Priesthood of All Believers.
  • A Vigorous Devotion to Train a Generation of Young People to Fulfill Their God-Given Destiny.
  • An Absolute Dedication to the Fulfillment of the Great Commission in this Generation.
  •  A Determined commitment to minister to the sick, the broken and the needy, and to help mend human divisions.

The Father’s House is a convergent church and our mission is very simple:

We want to create an atmosphere of God’s Unconditional Love, where every person can discover, develop and be deployed the their fullest potential.